Audits of small businesses and non-profits


In the past year Ken Cone, CPA has added auditing to his portfolio of services.  For small business owners and executive directors, the audit can be a painful process.   Ken guides his clients through the process by explaining the requirements in plain terms.  A typical requirement might cross reference acronyms and abbreviations that Fortune Five Hundred CEOs and CFOs understand.  But, the small business owner is trained in running their business through the school of hard knocks.Another example of the help Ken provides during an audit is by drafting the notes to the financial statements.  Very few small business owners and small non-profit executive directors understand financial statement disclosure rules.The key to turning a potentially painful audit into a positive experience is receiving the explanations and support that Ken Cone, CPA provides.
   Audits of franchisors 


Ken Cone, CPA is developing a reputation in the community for helping franchisors comply with UFOC guidelines.  Ken helps the franchisor determine the best course of action to produce an audit necessary for registration to sell franchises.  For early stage franchisors the determination of the best course of action can require expert help combining the services of the franchise consultant and the auditor.