Financial Services Sacramento

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Financial Services

Business you are looking for the company to create value by acquiring or merging with another business in line with the strategy of the business? Consider how to achieve those values ​​can generate from resonance.

Financial Services Sacramento

Your business needs are the company to raise capital for expansion or wishing to invite strategic investors to support business development to new heights? Consider exploit a network connection with strategic investors and financial reliability.

Financial Services Sacramento

Your company is planning to liquidate a company, a business unit or an asset as part of the restructuring or change in strategic direction? Consider how to get the best price from the liquidation.

Your company is a private equity investor looking for targets with high growth rates to buy back or are considering selling an investment to maximize profit? Consider visiting a group of potential targets or buyers trusted to liquidate assets.

Kencone corporate financial services Sacramento professionals providing full financial services consultancy, from acquisitions and disposals of capital and capital raising in all sectors, the corporations, the private equity firm, and the organization of public agencies as well as other investment funds.