Find portrait of professional accountants

Accounting staff for the “purse strings of DN”, hold a very important role in businesses. But the big question has been posed for a long time and is always puzzled by employers are: how to recruit the right talent accountants, highly qualified professionals and convergence of skills necessary a professional accountant?


Find portrait of professional accountants

Accountant general concepts to refer to all the accountants from accounting to chief accounting officers as financial accounting, management accounting, general accounting, accounting details… Each position different jobs will inevitably require standards of various professions. But boiled down to, a professional accountant and auditors must meet the following requirements:

Qualified professional expertise in the accounting profession

Standard recruit a talented accountant that is you must have a certificate of accounting practice of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA. The foreign companies considered by ACCA is an important condition for the candidate to demonstrate the ability and professional expertise in the field of personal finance – accounting.

Professional ethics as a guide to practice

After many financial scandals, companies around the world are now paying attention to professional ethics of accountants. Many companies have set standards of professional ethics on the recruitment of a staff accountant for the company. Most of them are aware that the accounting information is necessary for managers to strategies and business decisions. Once accountant deliberately falsifying information will result in the administrator’s decision inappropriate, wrong and even lead to businesses leaving the hard…

Carefully craft the

In addition to ethical requirements, professional accountant certain people must be careful, tidy and science by the Sacramento accounting profession associated with the documents, books, papers with numbers “speak “the financial situation. Therefore, a professional accountant to ensure preservation of documents as well as how those numbers are always the most prepared, easy to find, most lookups. And the synthesis of hard numbers, a more professional accountants need to be careful because just one cup alone is wrong can cause significant impacts to the company …

In addition, a professional accountant who is also actively expanding the communication, training and negotiation skills, negotiation support at work by also accounting work relationship with a lot of other professions such as banking, taxation … always proactively update the latest information on financial and legal.