Ken’s Services

Traditional CPA Services.
The Traditional CPA Services:
As a CPA focusing on the unique needs of small businesses, I am available to help with:
  • Financial Statements, compilations and reviews
  • Small business tax compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Management advice
  • Real estate tax law.
When you have a customer who has been turned down for loan, you make no money.Ken Cone Sacramento California CPA
I can help by:
  • Addressing the reason the loan was turned down:
  • Poor credit history
  • Improperly prepared financial statements
  • Improperly prepared statement of collateral
  • Borrower’s inexperience in business world
  • Lack of, or poorly prepared business plan
  • Inadequately described use of funds
  • No forecast of cash flow
  • Unavailable profit and loss projection
  • Absence of audit verification where requested
  • Borrower’s poor personal appearance
  • Regarding poor credit history, I can provide specific consulting as to which steps are necessary to correct the problem. Some problems are errors of fact. Others are a matter of developing patterns of paying debt on time. Repairing the latter problem is an issue that requires time to demonstrate the problem has been fixed.
The remaining items on the list fall within the expertise of our CPA training. (Even personal appearance is a subject that is stressed in our role as CPAs.)
Profit Expert :
The small business owner is responsible for integrating three programs:
  • Production – Most business owners understand production
  • Marketing – To survive at all, they succeed at marketing
  • Accounting – Very few are proficient at accounting
  • Accounting provides feedback and direction for production and marketing
    • Accounting converts data into information
    • Information applied becomes knowledge
    • Knowledge leads to wisdom
My mission is to provide the business owner with useful financial information to:
  • Lower taxes
  • Increase profits
  • Make sure there is money available when it is needed to operate and grow
My business assessment compares 20 key financial ratios for a given company against their industry’s average for businesses of similar size based on their NAICS code.
The report provides me with a list of recommended steps to improve weak points and expand on strengths. My job as the professional is to help select a few key steps from the suggested choices. The owner can only concentrate on one to three issues at a time.
Business Turn-Around :
If a business is going down in flames, can it be saved?Sacramento California CPA Ken Cone
In Red to Black in 30 Days, Allen B. Bostrom, CPA provides a recipe for turning businesses around. Naturally, not every business can be saved. What is possible? I am available to assess any business whose survival you, or your client, is concerned about.
There are nine fundamental keys to turning around a business. These are organized into two sets of three categories:
  1. Marketing
  2. Production
  3. Accounting
  4. Immediate changes
  5. Intermediate Changes
  6. Long-term corrections