Management Consulting

Management Consulting

A Unique Professional Perspective.

Ken’s rich business life triggered an interest in better understanding why people and businesses react in certain ways.  This growing interest led to many years of study through professional organizations and reading.  This simultaneous knowledge enables Ken to discern how a business responds in various stages and to differing scenarios. With all this knowledge and experience, Ken is able to help the business owner diffuse situations, remove chaos, instill order, and get businesses on the right track and thriving.

  • Consulting – Whole Life Approach
  • WISE – business administration technology
  • Business Management
  • Business startup planning
  • Early success calibration
  • Franchisor strategy

Consulting – Two forces are Stronger than One.

Consulting is invaluable.  Pulling from the understanding that combined forces are stronger than one; Ken understands that consulting is a key element in working with and not just for the business owner.  You, the owner, may be dealing with every day issues inside your business.  Ken looks at your business with an outsider’s perspective.  With this external look, he sees the ideal scene and the current scene in ways you cannot  because you are too close to your situation.

Consulting is a private opportunity to bring problems to light.  Through this process Ken is able to get to know the business owner, discern what the issues are, and gain insight into how the problem can be resolved.   Often, the consultation will revolve around tax issues, other times it may be a more in depth issue. Ken brings his unique experience and perspective to the table to support the business owner in making the business more profitable and prosperous.

Specific Consulting Strategies:

Whole life approach:

In the whole life approach, we ask questions such as

  • Why are you in business?
  • What service do you want to provide?
  • What do you want out of your business?

Business Administration Strategy

In the business administration approach we train you on establishing valuable financial controls, understanding what condition your business is in and what steps to take to  improve your condition.