Profit Expert

Profit Expert

 Profit Expert Profit Expert – The small business owner is responsible for integrating three programs:

  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Accounting.

Most business owners understand production.

To survive at all, they succeed at marketing.

Very few are proficient at accounting.

Accounting provides feedback and direction for production and marketing.

Accounting converts data into information.

Information applied becomes knowledge.

Knowledge leads to wisdom.

A company being run by a wise owner is a great bank customer.

Our mission is to provide the business owner with useful financial information to:

  • Lower taxes
  • Increase profits
  • Make sure there is money available when it is needed to operate and grow.

We offer a business assessment that compares 20 key financial ratios for a given company against their industry’s average for businesses of similar size based on their NAICS code.  The report provides us with a list of recommended steps to improve weak points and expand on strengths.  Ken’s job as the professional is to help select a few key steps from the suggested choices.  As an owner your job is to concentrate on one to three issues at a time.


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